About us

The family


Basecamp are new, modern and cozy cabins where guests can prepare to explore the nearby mountains, forests and lakes, returning each day to their home away from home. Created and run by its English owner, Corinne Bentley-Rawson, a Yorkshire-born snowboarding instructor and lawyer, lover of nature, the mountains and travelling, whose numerous journeys to various corners of the globe have led her to realise her dream of creating her own Basecamp here in Las Trancas.

We are family run business located on a quiet lane in the heart of Valle Las Trancas in a spectacular setting of native woodland, perfectly placed just minutes (7 km) from the ski resort (72km from Chillan and 470km from Santiago) and a 5 minute stroll from the local mini-market, various restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Our cabins are designed for adventure and relaxation seekers alike.  Stay with us and let Basecamp be the platform for your adventures in this beautiful biological corridor.  For more details of all the adventures that await you click on the Basecamp Adventures tab!

Sustainability & Responsibility

We are aware that in building Basecamp we left our footprint on the environment and here are some of the other ways in which Basecamp tries to make amends:

  • Basecamp: was thought out and built so as to have a minimal environmental impact, using sustainable forest products wherever possible.   The cabins were located so as to not only guarantee the privacy of our guests but to also ensure that as little native vegetation as possible is adversely affected.
  • as nature intended: around the cabins we have left Basecamp as nature intended and are landscaping with native plants.  We have decided against sowing grass/lawns for the following reasons:
    • maintaining a green lawn comes at the expense of a precious resource – water
    • due to their negative impact on the environment: lawn maintenance often uses inorganic fertilizers, synthetic pesticidoes, herbicides and fungicides which have been shown to contribute to environmental pollution and increased health risks to the local human population
    • lawns are not native to the area: the introduction of a lawn can further decrease the existing biodiversity and vital habitats supporting our ecosystem
  • reforestation:  In December, as soon as the climate allowed for it, we reforested with 13 trees, more than those that were felled during construction, and are proud to say that all are growing like champions!  We ask our guests to respect the local flora and fauna and resist from uprooting any flowers and vegetation in the village.
  • low-water and low-energy: Basecamp and scientists are concerned that the demand for water is having a devastating effect on our rivers and the wildlife that depend on them.  Some rivers have now reduced to almost a stream due to the amount of water being used by consumers.  Basecamp, in the same way as everyone that lives in this beautiful remote valley, takes its water from a local waterfall.  With that in mind:
    • we have installed low-water and low-energy bathroom suites which include water-saving shower heads and taps (air mix technology which has a saving of over 30% on water usage, smaller bath tubs (that still offer a good soak), low-water dual-flush WC;
    • we encourage our guests to use the water sparingly.
    • we have decided against installing a swimming pool in Basecamp since they are energy and water hogs, noisy and a safety risk for small children.  Please note that due to our altitude, swimming pools in the village, unless indoor and heated, are only feasible to use during one month of the year, unless you are in training to swim the Arctic Circle.
  • sustainable lighting: lighting is responsible for a significant percentage of carbon dioxide emissions, a leading cause of global climate change.  The most sustainable lighting is natural daylight.  It is not only a free renewable resource but it also has well-documented health benefits.  With that in mind:
    • we have included large windows in the design of our chalets so that as much natural light enters the chalets as possible, meaning that our energy efficient light bulbs shouldn’t need to be on for as long.
    • our cabins only use energy efficient LED light bulbs and we ask our guests to turn any unecessary lights off in order to help make Basecamp more environmentally friendly.
  • recycling:
    • Basecamp recycles all its rubbish, sorting out any items that can be recycled at the recycling plant in Chillan and we are actively trying to get a recycling point set up in Las Trancas. 
    • we have a compost which helps reduce our kitchen waste. 
    • all wood from any trees felled during construction is being re-used in Basecamp, whether it be for our signs, furniture or heating.
  • environmental committee: we take an active role in the local environmental committee.
  • rubbish collection: we take plastic bags with us on our Basecamp Adventures and fill them with any rubbish that has been left behind by others and remove any nails we find hammered into trees – we encourage everyone to do the same.

In this way we are leading the field in terms of sustainable tourism and are an eco-friendly option for your holidays.