Las Trancas has many year round residents and the green and tree-filled village and woods make it a pleasure to visit in the summer months when the following activities are also available to enjoy:

  • Mountain biking: Nevados de Chillan holds a UCI category 1 in cross country and downhill.  The Bike Park is open to the public and all the information is here  If you need any help just let us know, we know the guys at the park.  Add to that the innumerable mountain biking routes available from the front door of your cabin, plus the new Pump Track 150 metres away, there’s no end to your biking adventures with Basecamp!
  • Hiking: Guided hikes with our very own registered resident guide to the Volcanoes, Laguna del Huemul, Aguas Calientes and many other local attractions – please read on for more details.
  • Horseback riding tours
  • Photography
  • Bird watching
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling/rappelling
  • Canyoning
  • Zip line
  • 9 hole golf course
  • Ecoparque – tree to tree adventure park
  • Observatory
  • Hot springs / thermal pools
  • Cueva de Los Pincheira – an entertaining show recreating the adventure of the Pincheira brothers in their original hide-out in the 1800s

These are just a selection of the activities on offer in Las Trancas.  Please contact us if you want to arrange any of these activities – staying at Basecamp means that you will benefit from discounts on some activities.

We would like to put our knowledge and experience at your service in helping you select the excursion that best fits your needs and we’ll be happy to provide insights, to tell you about routes, itineraries, etc… So go ahead and contact us for advice.

A bit about your guide, René 

René, has been guiding people in and around the Las Trancas valley for 12 years now. Throughout the winter he is a ski instructor and runs snow shoe walks and in the summer he is the hiking guru and a keen climber. Member of the local mountain rescue team, René has a great passion for the mountains and a depth of knowledge that is only achievable through years of experience. Without doubt the way to learn about the valley and walk these mountains is with René.

Here’s a taster of some of the tours that we offer…

Laguna del Huemul
Duration: 6 hours (full day)
Difficulty:  Difficult – rocky terrain, some scrambling is necessary

This beautiful emerald green lagoon is located in the Las Cabras mountain range, Shangri-la valley at a height of 2000 meters.  During the tour you will see some spectacular views of the valley and beyond, some of the birds typical of this mountainous region (the Andean Condor, woodpeckers, cachañas, eaglets, chucao), signs of wildlife that live at this elevation, native forests, the vast river of lava and Nevados de Chillán – one of the most active volcanoes in the region. It consists of three overlapping peaks, 3,212 m (10,538 ft) Cerro Blanco (Volcán Nevado) at the northwest and 3,089 m (10,135 ft) Volcán Viejo (Volcán Chillán) at the southeast, with Volcán Nuevo(3,122m) in the middle.

Summit climb to Volcán Viejo (Volcán Chillán) or Volcan Nuevo
Duration: 7-8 hours (full day)
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

With a height above sea level of 3,089m (10,135 ft) this active stratovolcano has one of the highest summits of the Eighth Region of Chile, alongside Sierra Velluda, Nevado de Chillan and Volcán Antuco, all of which are easy to see, weather permitting, during this ascent.  After a walk, longer than it is steep or complex, we will reach its summit where we can enjoy a breath-taking 360° view of the Andes – the longest continental mountain range in the world.

Shangri-la valley (Paradise Lost)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Only 6 km from the main road, this valley once housed the first skiers of the area in the 1940’s in the old shelter Shangri-la (now in ruins).   On this hike you will see beautiful native forests, waterfalls and a diverse geography that culminates in the great river of lava which demonstrates the strength and magnitude of the largest eruption of Volcán Chillán in 1751.

Descanso de los Gigantes – Giants Resting Place
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

A light and very pleasant walk amid native forest at the base of the steep dramatic slopes of Purgatory hill. The huge trees of this ancient forest give the walk its name.

Along the way you may see, woodpeckers, cachañas, along with a wide range of wild native plants. The most common trees being Coigües (Nothofagus nitida) and Robles (Nothofagus oblique), among others.

Ruca Piren Waterfall
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Starting in an immense forest of Coigües (Nothofagus nitida) and Robles (Nothofagus oblique) that are hundreds of years old, this walk takes us to the base of the Ruca Piren waterfall that is more than 50 meters high, and which is the water source for several cottages and resorts in the area.  The abundance of water, freshness and transparency make this walk an enjoyable adventure for the whole family.

Andean Hikes:

For anyone looking for a more challenging hiking experience we would be happy to arrange multi-day Andean hikes.  These hikes are in remote and often challenging areas where a high level of fitness is required by all.  Accommodation is either camping or backcountry huts.  There are no hot showers on these hikes but you will be rewarded with truly remote hiking, spectacular scenery and a real sense of achievement.

What to bring on day tours:

  • Daypack
  • lunch / snacks (based mainly on cereal bars, fruit, sandwiches – things that are light to carry)
  • water (at least 1 litre per person)
  • camera & binoculars
  • sunscreen and sun hat
  • swimsuit
  • additional clothing (mountain weather & temperature can change quickly)
  • be sure to wear sturdy and comfortable footwear!