Basecamp House Rules

We rely on guests treating Basecamp and its contents with the respect and care they would afford their own property.  In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to prevent any misunderstanding the Management requests that you familiarise yourselves and co-operate with the following list of the House Rules of conduct for Basecamp as an agreement between you, (the “guest”, ”you”, “your”) and Basecamp’s owner (the “Management”, “we”, “our”) under which the chalets are permitted to be used by the guest(s).  Violation of these House Rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation, and the Management charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.


  1. Check-in is available between 16:00hrs and 23:00hrs.
  2. Basecamp is only authorised to accommodate properly registered guests.  When completing the booking, we need to know your name and address, the names and addresses of all the members of your party (if different), plus their age or date of birth and relationship to allow allocation of appropriate accommodation. Please note that only guests listed on the confirmation of booking may occupy the accommodation.
    On the day of arrival we ask that all guests please present to the Management their valid national ID card or passport for the purpose of registration during check-in.
  3. If any other people are found in occupation of the accommodation, will end the agreement and all persons in the accommodation will be asked to leave Basecamp immediately and no refunds will be given.
  4. Upon arrival, guests are required to pay the balance outstanding of their stay in cash or by way of online transfer.  Personal cheques, traveller’s cheques, credit cards, bank cards are not accepted.  Please note that the nearest cash machine is 70 kilometres away in Chillan so please ensure that you bring sufficient cash with you. Failure to pay the balance during check-in will result in your having to vacate the property and forego your booking.
  5. You will receive a set of keys from us during check-in.  Guests are forbidden to lend their keys to another person who is not a registered guest.  A guest who loses the set of keys is required to advise the Management immediately and will be charged $20.000 (CLP).
  6. The cabin must be used for personal and domestic purposes only, and not for any commercial use.

Starter kit

Each cabin has a starter supply of the following (if you feel you will need more please bring extra or purchase them locally in the village):

  • toilet paper
  • washing-up liquid
  • washing-up sponge
  • kitchen cloth
  • rubbish bin / trash bag
  • sanitary bin bag
  • liquid hand soap

Our Right to Decline a Booking

  1. For the protection and enjoyment of all guests, we reserve the right to ask for information about any member of your party including age, gender, address and previous visits to Basecamp.  If we believe that a holiday is unsuitable for any particular group, we will decline a booking at our sole discretion.
  2. In the event of an obvious or palpable error, howsoever occasioned or displayed, we reserve the right to decline your booking and refund you the amount paid.

Infectious or Contagious Medical Conditions

If we believe that it is necessary to protect the health of other guests and staff, we will cancel a booking if you or any member of your party has or just had an infectious or contagious medical condition.  During a holiday, we will ask any, or all of you to refrain from participating in certain activities, or ask you to leave immediately should we in our sole discretion consider it necessary.  You should inform us immediately should any such condition develop within four (4) weeks of your arrival or whilst you are staying with us.


For liability reasons, we do not permit any unregistered guests to be on the premises.


Despite the Management’s best efforts to ensure enjoyment and smooth running of your stay with us, occasionally problems do arise.  The Management is available to guests during their stay for any information and assistance they may need.  In the event of any difficulties during your stay please contact the Management immediately whereupon we will try to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.  If there is a problem with the facilities please contact Management immediately thereby allowing the complaint to be dealt with at the earliest opportunity – please do not try to fix a problem yourselves.  Failure to take these steps will deny Basecamp and its Management the opportunity to resolve the problem immediately or investigate it properly.  In consequence, any right to compensation you may have will be extinguished or, at the very least, substantially reduced.


For safety reasons and for the comfort of all guests:

  1. smoking is strictly prohibited inside the cabins (this includes through an open door or window);
  2. if you smoke outside please DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the floor – ensure they are extinguished in the ash-log outside and then placed in the bin;
  3. the consumption, use, trafficking or possession of any narcotics/drugs and any illegal activities are strictly forbidden on Basecamp property;
  4. no burning of items (including candles) or ignition of fireworks or firecrackers or use of open flames is permitted inside or outside the cabins.

Furnishings / additional electrical equipment

  1. Guests may not move furnishings nor interfere with the electrical network, any other installations.
  2. Guests may not use additional electrical equipment such as electrical heaters, electrical stoves, cooking devices, microwave ovens etc. in the cabin or on the premises.
  3. Guests are not allowed to take outdoor furniture/hammocks beyond Basecamp premises.
  4. Please do not swing on the hammocks as they may break, resulting in injury.
  5. Please do not put any hot things directly on the dining table or wooden kitchen units – they are made of native wood and mark easily.  Please use the place mats and boards provided.


A Cot for under 2′s can be provided for use in the cabin for an extra charge, subject to availability.

Outdoor footwear/equipment

We ask that you remove outdoor footwear (and definitely ski boots!) before entering the living room – please leave them alongside your outdoor equipment (i.e. skis/boards) outside the cabin or in the entry hall boot room once you have shaken all the snow from them.  This is typical practice for mountain houses, so keep it in mind when visiting anybody in the village.

Heating, water and electricity

  1. Please preserve our environment and be rational in the use of water, electricity and gas.  If you turn it on, turn it off.
  2. Electrical appliances should only be used one at a time – this will help to avoid any power outages.  Guests may not bring or use additional portable electrical equipment such as electrical heaters, electrical stoves, cooking devices, microwave ovens etc. of any type on the premises without the prior consent of the Management.  The use of such devices will incur additional charges.
  3. In the event of a power outage an emergency generator will be activated from 08:00 to 10:00hrs and from 20:00hrs to 22:00hrs.  The use of hair dryers, electric ovens and kettles during this time is not permitted as it will shut the generator down.
  4. The chalet has a wood stove which guests will be shown how to use by the Management on arrival and must be handled with extreme caution to avoid accidents or injury.  During the cold months sufficient wood will be provided for your stay at no additional cost.  The Management will endeavour to have the stove lit for you prior to your arrival.  Once the fire is burning, guests are asked to please close the air vents and take advantage of the slow combustion heat. Please ensure that no wood is touching the glass screen on the door of the stove as it could cause the glass to crack.  Any damage to the stove will be charged.
  5. In order to clear out the excess ash from the wood stove during your stay we may ask you to leave the stove unlit.  Under no circumstances should guests remove the ashes themselves – we have steel buckets that we use for the purpose and have a safe disposal site.  Ashes can stay hot for up to 4 days and cause fires if not disposed of correctly.
  6. There is plenty of hot water in Basecamp, please do not interfere with the controls of the hot water heater.  If you suspect it is not functioning correctly please contact the Management immediately.

 Fire protection / control

  1. Please check carefully that all electrical appliances and the gas supply are turned off, the door to the wood stove and the air vents are closed before leaving the cabin unoccupied or turning in for the night.  Fires in wooden cabins become out of control very quickly!
  2. There is a fire extinguisher in the entrance hall which must be left upright and easily accessible at all times.  The extinguisher must only be used in case of fire. Inappropriate use of the fire extinguisher will incur a replacement charge of CLP$20.000.  In the event of fire do not panic and please warn the Management immediately.
  3. Camp fires are not permitted within Basecamp premises.


A barbecue grill is available for use by guests.  Please exercise caution when using the barbecue and do not use it inside the chalet, on the wooden terrace or close to walls or windows in order to avoid damage to the chalet.


  1. Basecamp provides bed-linen, drying-up towels, bath towels and a bath mat for your use, and we prepare the beds ready for your arrival.
  2. Basecamp towels, blankets, duvets, pillows, etc. are intended for your use inside the cabin.  Guests who use such items outside of the cabin will be charged CLP$10,000 for the additional cleaning of each item in such circumstances.
  3. Please bring your own towels for use in the hot springs (Termas).
  4. Basecamp does not provide a daily maid service in the cabin.  Daily maid service can be requested at an additional cost.  If staying for a two week period or more, one change of towels and/or linen is available on request.

Laundry Service

Should you need your clothes washed and dried Basecamp has a laundry service.  Please ask the Management or see your cabin guide for details and prices.

Rubbish disposal

  1. There is a bin in the kitchen/hallway for general kitchen waste.  Please contact Management to arrange for the disposal of domestic waste – please do not leave waste outside the cabin as it will attract vermin.
  2. We expect you to treat Basecamp grounds with respect and care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them.  Please respect your surroundings, do not throw your cigarette butts or rubbish on Basecamp premises.  Please use the bins provided in your cabin.   Should this condition be breached we reserve the right to REMOVE you and your party from the premises with immediate effect without notice and no refund of monies will be made.


The village is not connected to a mains sewerage system, therefore please do not throw toilet paper in the WC.  Please use the bin provided in the bathroom.


  1. Our cabins have a 32” flat HD television with satellite DirecTV coverage.
  2. Please be careful not to move the satellite dish.  If you cannot get a signal please inform the Management in the first instance.

Guest folder

For your interest we provide a folder with brochures advertising local places of interest, and suggested local walks.  Also available are some maps of the immediate vicinity.  This folder is for guest use only – please do not remove it from the cabin.  Please contact the Management for details of any discounts you may be entitled to as a Basecamp guest.

Your responsibility / behaviour / children

  1. We want all our guests to have an enjoyable, carefree stay at Basecamp and expect them to have consideration for other people.  We ask you to remember that you are responsible for your actions, and those of your children, and the effect they may have on others.  Basecamp is not child proofed and therefore children’s safety cannot be guaranteed. It is the sole responsibility of parents, guardians, and caregivers to determine the supervision needs of their children and to provide accordingly in order to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for Basecamp guests of all ages.  Management reserves the right to request that a child/children be removed from Basecamp premises where there is a concern related to health and safety of a child or the child poses a risk to others, or where the child/children is causing disruption to other guests and/or Basecamp property.
  2. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay with us, and whilst we appreciate that guests may well drink alcohol as part of their enjoyment please do so responsibly.  Neither Basecamp nor the Management will have any liability to you, for any injury, loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your judgement being impaired wholly or partly by alcohol.
  3. Please observe evening peace and quiet from 22:00hrs to 10:00hrs so as not to disturb other guests at Basecamp and refrain from making any excess noise that could disturb at other times of the day.

Guest’s belongings

  1. In addition to the above and the effect your actions may have on others, you must particularly also bear in mind that you are responsible for your safety, and that you are responsible for the condition of the Basecamp cabin that you occupy.
  2. Guests are obliged to take care of their personal belongings and valuables whilst at Basecamp.  All baggage, personal possessions and ski equipment remain at all times and in all circumstances at the owner’s risk.  You should not leave valuable items unattended in your accommodation or elsewhere and we suggest you do not bring such possessions on holiday unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Las Trancas is a very safe place, nevertheless we advise guests to lock the doors and windows of the cabin when they go out or go to bed.  In any event before guests go out it is wise to check that the windows and doors are securely fastened as the weather in the mountains can change suddenly and strong winds may break windows and doors.  Please also don’t forget to turn off the taps, lights  and gas supply before you leave the cabin.
  4. The car parking areas within Basecamp are not supervised and vehicles are parked at your own risk. We recommend that you remove all possessions and securely lock your vehicle.

Hazardous goods

Bringing goods and/or storing any article of a combustible or hazardous nature and/or prohibited goods and/or goods of objectionable nature is prohibited.  Guests shall be solely liable and responsible to the Management, Basecamp’s other guests, invitees, visitors, agents and staff for all loss financial or otherwise and damage that may be caused by such articles or as a result of the guest’s own negligence and non-observance of any instructions.

Damage to property

You must use your accommodation and other facilities with care and on departure, leave it in a clean and tidy condition. When you book with us you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party.  Basecamp will hold you, the members of your travelling party and your guests/visitors jointly and individually liable for any damage to Basecamp property, together with legal costs Basecamp or the Management incurs in pursuing a claim. An inventory is available in your accommodation and it is your duty to report any breakages, defects or damage to an appropriate person immediately.  The Management reserves the right, either during or after your stay, to recover from you any loss or damage caused by you, the cost of replacements or repair or any extra cleaning of any item provided in the chalet and its surroundings .


  1. No pets are allowed on Basecamp property.  Our “No pets” policy is NOT negotiable.  Guests arriving with their pets will be turned away and charged a cancellation fee.
  2. We have a dog and two cats who live in our home and shouldn’t bother you during your stay.  They have special dietary requirements, do not feed them nor allow them into your cabin.

Plants & flowers

Please respect your surroundings and refrain from uprooting any plants or flowers on Basecamp property – they last longer and look better if left in the ground.

Management’s rights

  1. We may cancel your booking: (a) should we in our sole discretion consider your conduct, or the conduct of any member of your party, is likely to pose a danger or impair the safety, comfort or enjoyment of our other guests, our staff or other members of the public; (b) if you have failed to disclose any material facts to us when booking your stay or in any communications with us; or (c) if you or any of your party fail to comply with any of our terms and conditions.  In the aforementioned circumstances no refunds or compensation will be given.
  2. It is agreed that the guest will conduct him or herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within Basecamp premises. If Management in its sole discretion considers your conduct, or the conduct of any member of your party, has posed a danger, upset or distress, or impair the safety, comfort or enjoyment of our other guests, our staff or any third party or is likely to do so, we reserve the right without prior notice to terminate your stay at Basecamp and require the entire party concerned to leave our property. Management retains the right to remove the guest’s luggage and belongings from Basecamp premises. Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the involvement of the Police.
  3. In such circumstances, neither Basecamp nor the Management will have any further responsibility towards such person(s), including any return travel arrangements, nor will they be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs or expenses incurred by such person(s) as a result of termination.
  4. The Management reserves the right to disallow any person whom it deems undesirable onto Basecamp property and shall not be liable for any damage arising therefrom.
  5. The Management reserves the right of entry to the chalet at times at anytime during your stay.


You are advised to arrange holiday and health insurance prior to arriving at Basecamp.

Cancellation of extra services

If you cancel any ‘extras’ such as lift passes, tuition, equipment rental or excursions we will pass on any costs charged by the provider of the service, in addition, we will charge $40.000 (CLP) to cover our costs of administering the change.

Limitation of liability

  1. Neither Basecamp nor the Management accepts any responsibility for any injury, accident or loss of any valuables, money or personal effects of both guest and visitors or damages arising therefrom.  Nor does Basecamp or the Management accept responsibility for the action of its guests or their visitors and shall not be held responsible for any claims made against them.
  2. Neither Basecamp nor the Management shall be liable for any act of default or omission on the part of any suppliers of any services that Basecamp offers.  Many services included in the overall holiday arrangements such as transport operators or skiing courses are performed by independent organisations over whom Basecamp and the Management have no control and any claim must be made with the appropriate principal.
  3. Whilst Basecamp and the Management use due diligence in its efforts to ensure that all descriptions of, or any information in relation to, accommodation and services supplied to guests are accurate, neither shall be liable in the event that an aspect of your stay fails to comply with any description of information even if the guest specifically relied on that particular aspect in choosing or booking the stay, provided Basecamp and the Management has used due diligence.
  4. Basecamp and the Management can accept no responsibility for the operation of facilities and transportation services.  They cannot guarantee the weather and snow conditions will be suitable for skiing and other sporting activities. Neither Basecamp nor the Management shall be held responsible for any loss, delay, or costs whatsoever connected with adverse weather or traffic conditions.
  5. Neither Basecamp nor the Management shall be liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with a guests stay caused by any matter outside the reasonable control of Basecamp or the Management including (but not limited to) Acts of God, war, civil disturbance, strikes or other industrial action, acts of government, failure of public services (e.g. water and electricity), failure of mechanical equipment such as boilers, electrical equipment or ski lifts, although Basecamp and the Management will use due diligence to remedy such failures.
  6. Under no circumstances shall Basecamp or the Management’s liability to the guest exceed the amount paid by the guest to Basecamp for the holiday period.

Skiing or Snowboarding with Basecamp

  1. If you ski or snowboard with a representative or other employee of Basecamp whether on an organised session or not, Basecamp cannot take any responsibility for injuries howsoever caused.  At all times guests must use their own judgements based on their own abilities, and mountain sports are undertaken at their own risk.
  2. Under no circumstances are guests to ski off-piste with Basecamp staff or the Management, as they are not qualified to guide or to lead off-piste.  Basecamp and the Management accepts no liability should guests choose to ignore this request.  Basecamp and the Management recommends the hiring of a qualified mountain guide for any off-piste trips.


  1. You can check-out anytime before 10:00 a.m during High/Medium Season or 12:00 p.m. during Low Season.  Failure to depart the cabin on schedule will incur an additional day’s charge and the Management reserves the right to remove the guest and his/her belongings from the respective cabin.  Please ensure that the parking area for the cabin is left free for our next guests.  Please inform the Management 24 hours prior to departure if you wish to retain your cabin beyond this time.  Extensions will be given depending on availability and will be charged extra.
  2. Please return the cabin key and TV remote control to the Management on your departure.
  3. Guests are asked to follow our check-out procedures on departure in order to avoid additional charges.

Check-out procedures

When you are ready to leave please put all dirty towels in the bathtub, leave used beds unmade, make sure all rubbish is collected and put in the bin (no loose rubbish please, bags only), and ensure that all used cutlery, dishes, pots and pans are thoroughly cleaned, dried and tidied away, turn off all the lights and taps and return the furniture to its original place. The cleaning lady will do the rest.  We have other guests who will arrive shortly after you so we have a very limited amount of time to prepare the cabins for them, you will be helping our cleaning lady by leaving the cabin clean and tidy so that our next guests can enjoy their stay as much as you did.

Government rules and regulations and application of laws

Guests are required to observe, abide by, confirm to and be bound by all applicable acts, laws and government rules and regulations as may be in force from time to time.

Thank you

Thank you for reading these Terms and Conditions.  We hope and trust that you will have an enjoyable stay and an excellent holiday in our chalets in the Chilean Andes.