Prices, how to book & important information

Here’s how you can reserve your stay with us:


The cabins are available all year round.  Some cabins are booked well in advance so please check availability and book as early as possible.  Rates are as follows:

Basecamp prices
Seasons High Mid-High Medium Low
Cabin 3 $160.000 $120.000 $80.000 $70.000
Cabin 1 / 2 (3-4 guests) $115.000 $95.000 $60.000 $50.000
Cabin 1 / 2 (1-2 guests) $100.000 $80.000 $60.000 $40.000

Our prices are in Chilean pesos, include VAT where applicable and are per cabin per night based on the minimum stay requirement (see below). All prices are subject to change without notice.  Stays for less nights than the minimum may be possible subject to availability, please email us for details and prices.  We also have offers from time to time so please email your requirements or call us to discuss your booking.  

Maximum occupancy

Please note that cabins 1 and 2 have a maximum occupancy of 4 people and cabin 3 has a maximum occupancy of 6 people.  This includes children and infants, regardless of their size, age and sleeping arrangements.  All individuals who will be on the property for any amount of time must be paid for (regardless of their size, age and sleeping arrangements) and are to be accounted for in the total number when you send the booking request.

Season 2016-2017:


7 July – 30 July (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
10 – 15 August (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay
14 – 19 September (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay

Start of ski season – 31 July (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
10 – 15 August 2016 (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay
14 – 19 September (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay


Start of ski season – 6 July (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
31 July – 10 August (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay 
16 August – 13 September (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
20 September to end of ski season (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay

01 – 09 August (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay 
16 August – 13 September (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
20 September to end of ski season (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay

Weekends and the following dates:
16 December 2016 – 28 February 2017 (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
13 – 16 April 2017 (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay
28 April – 01 May 2017 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
02 May – 15 June 2018 (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
23 June – 26 June (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
27 October – 1 November 2017 (inclusive) 4 night minimum stay
8 – 10 December 2017 (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay

16 December 2017 – 28 February 2018 (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
29 March – 02 April 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
27 April – 01 May 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
02 May – 15 June 2018 (inclusive) 2 night minimum stay
18 – 21 May 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
15 June to start of ski season 2 night minimum stay
28 June – 02 July 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
1 – 5 November 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay
21 – 25 December 2018 (inclusive) 3 night minimum stay

The rest of the year : no minimum


To confirm your booking Basecamp requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price of your stay.   The deposit can be made using the methods of payment outlined below.  When you confirm a booking it is implied that you are familiar and agree with the terms and conditions including, but not limited to the House Rules, and all other information contained on our website, and that you will fully adhere to them.  There are no refunds for changes, cancellation or non-arrival.

Payment of balance

Payment of the final balance must be made during check-in.  Failure to pay the balance will result in cancellation of your stay at Basecamp.  In this case cancellation charges will apply.

Methods of payment

Cash  (Chilean pesos or US dollars) **
Western Union (
Deposits / bank transfers (Chilean pesos or US dollars)

**There is no cash machine in the village, the nearest cash machine / bank is 72 kilometres away in Chillan, so please ensure that you arrive with sufficient cash to pay for your accommodation and any additional services.


  • No assignment, subletting or modifications to the details of the booking are allowed without express approval and consent of the Management.
  • All booking cancellations must be made in writing, by the person who made the original booking, via email to
  • Deposits are non-refundable.  However, we appreciate that life does happen and that even the best laid out plans can change, and for this reason a request to change an existing reservation may be permitted, subject to availability, if the dates of the new reservation fall within 365 days of the original reservation start date and the value of the new reservation is equal to or greater than the original reservation.  Only one change to an existing reservation is permitted and you will be required to pay in full the difference in value between the deposit and the new reservation.  To request a rebooking, you must email Management at no less than seven (7) days prior to your scheduled check-in date.   A request to change an existing reservation made less than seven (7) days prior to your scheduled arrival date will not be forfeit the deposit. 
  • The above will not apply to cancellations or alterations made by Basecamp due to forces outside of Basecamp’s control or as a result of force majeure.  We cannot make a refund on your holiday or pay for additional accommodation on your behalf elsewhere.  We cannot accept liability where the provision of our service is interrupted by force majeure.
  • In these terms and conditions, “force majeure” means any event, which Basecamp or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.  Such events include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.

Arrival and departure

Please refer to the House Rules.

No Show / Early Check-Out

  • A “No Show” reservation is defined as more than 4 hours after the scheduled check-in time, at which time, in the absence of prior notification by the guest to Management of delayed arrival, the chalet will be released, the reservation cancelled and Basecamp will retain the deposit.
  • No refund, credit or reduction of the price of your booking is given for late arrivals, premature departures or any unused portions of your stay at Basecamp, whatever the reason, including, but not limited to, bad weather, danger of avalanches, discontinuation of operation, closure of ski pistes, cessation of ski lifts, etc.

Extending your stay

Extensions will require a new reservation for the additional date(s), subject to availability and prevailing rates.

Unrealistic expectations

Please don’t book without reading our website and then leave a negative review based on unrealistic expectations that resulted from your failure to read our website, look at all the photos, or look at the map to see where our cabins are located in relation to the places you plan to visit.  Thank you.